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The days are long but the years are short- not sure who said this but it sure feels accurate, especially now. We are a busy family that does a lot, so forcing us to slow down has been extremely difficult. I understand that we should embrace the “slow down” movement but maybe not all of us are wired that way. Maybe some of us truly thrive on busy and that’s ok too! Whatever suits your fancy, do you! Im not a big fan of all the titles and “movements” of the world these days- how about we just do what’s right for each of us individually- and cheer each of us all along the way. Food for thought. I hope you’re staying healthy, wherever you are! I love to know where people are watching from, tell me below where you are! We’re in the US in Wisconsin, just outside of Milwaukee ❤️ Happy Friday world! #stayhomestaysafe #wisconsinlife

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