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If this cottage ever came up for sale I would do everything in my power to make it mine… I don’t think it could be more perfect. It’s located in the quiet village of Grantchester, full of picturesque houses and a brilliant pub, surrounded by meadows that separate the village from the city of Cambridge. You can walk to Cambridge from here, it’s a beautiful walk along the River Cam with amazing views of the countryside.
It’s now a tradition for university students to punt to Grantchester for breakfast during the May Balls so you should see lots of little boats along the way. tourist information centre. You then follow paths to the famous Cambridge Backs where you can enjoy nice views of some of the University colleges. The walk continues south through Sheep’s Green and Coe Fen Nature Reserve. Considering it closeness to the city it’s a delightfully pastoral scene with cows and sheep grazing next to the meandering river.
Walkers then continue through the pretty Paradise Nature Reserve where there are some peaceful woodland trails. Follow Grantchester Meadows Road away from the river before heading across Skater’s Meadow to return to the Cam. You then follow the riverside path past Eight Acre before turning towards the village of Grantchester. When you reach the village you can enjoy a cream tea at the delightful Orchard Tea Room. It’s an idyllic setting with seating amongst the fruit trees. After refreshments you can either catch a bus back to Cambridge or follow the same route back on foot!
For those spending a few days in Cambridge this is such a lovely way of spending a sunny day. Of course the pub and tea room are closed right now and we have barely any international tourists until travel opens up again but it’s definitely one to consider for the future ??

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