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Well hey there! How have you been? I have taken a little insta break the last week as everything else seemed to get so busy. Been on a mission to tidy up the garden around home schooling, looking after the littles, house work and tending to an ever increasing laundry pile. I mean we seem to wear the same clothes day in day out and it is beyond me how much I am washing ? it’s like a football team have moved in. Only pleased we decided to put the washing machine and dryer upstairs when we were renovating. Definitely alot easier to iron and get things in closets on the same floor. So if you are thinking of that for your own place I can highly recommend. Also this week I am on a serious mission to declutter our garage. Our youngest has successfully made the transition over to toddler bed ?. So with that I am trying to rehome a load of baby items including cot, jumperoo and bumbo seat etc. It is kind of sad to think we are done with that era ? But it was also funny when he tried to climb into the jumperoo in the garden having seen it come out of the garage ?? The house feels different. Definitely not sad to see all the plastic stuff going ? Were you sad or relieved when the last of the baby bits left the building? #lockdownlife

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