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G’day g’day Instagram team! ??‍♀️ Primrose here, namesake of @primrose_interiors. This is my wildly, wonderful crew. Never a dull moment with this lot!

We live on my husband’s family beef cattle property in Western QLD. I run my Interior Decorating business from here; in between the mothering, wifing, earthmoving, office working, feedlotting, mustering…gardening?…moments of my (typical) day.

I have an insatiable appetite to learn new things and I’m terribly inquisitive. I find it hard to sit still, (yet I often find myself complaining that I never get to sit still ???‍♀️) and pumping 3 kids out in as many years is most definitely the reason I’m still sitting here at Drillham and not living in a teepee, deep in the depths of some Mongolian mountainside right now ? #ofcoursemyhusbandalso! #herecomesthebackyardyurt ?

My motto has always been Your Home is Your Story. I believe that every home should cater to – and truly cater to – those who live there. Their story, their style! The power of psychology behind the smallest of items triggering fond memories, of vibrant or soothing colours, of placement of furniture in ones home, all have such a direct emotional impact (often subconsciously) on the way we live day to day. It’s a passion of mine to bring the importance of embracing your individual style (complete with all its quirkiness!) to the team of peeps who believe in this power too but just need help creating it ?.

PS. I’ve no idea where I’m going long term with Primrose Interiors. But for the time being, if you like to look at pretty spaces, learn a few interior tips, buy some eclectic pieces for your home and feel better about your parenting failures after watching mine…you are MOST welcome to come along for the ride! ?

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