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Finding fresh flowers has been feeling like as big of a win as any. I picked some up curbside from @codyjamesbarry during the blizzard some days ago and have been stretching them out with some local tulips I snagged. Sunday we went on a woods walk at nearby Pettengill Farm to find the ground covered with bluebells. Amidst the 140 acres of fields, orchards, and marsh sits an early saltbox that I used to give guided tours of. It’s holds the most magical light and some pretty unique sgraffitti. Our Easter falls a bit later on the calendar so we didn’t have anything special planned but having not been outside of our home much this last month, a picnic of takeout, a walk, and a ride with the windows down was just the thing. Hope everyone enjoyed the holiday either soaking up this time of rest or found ways to show isolation what a celebration looks like.

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