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This vase headed off to its new life in America today. It strange to think my @sugdenanddaughters wares are travelling much further afield than me at the moment??? Something brilliant happened today – I had an epiphany. One thing I struggle with here on the gram is the belief that anyone is actually interested in me or Starre Corner. Today however I’ve been inspired and stirred up to take action; I’ve been sitting on a hand-written early 1900’s housekeepers recipe book for quite some time. I’ve thought often about doing something with it but never quite taken my thoughts further. Today during my live 11am tea break chat #elevenseswithlouisa I mentioned this book & felt enthused and inspired by your interest. I’ve also been asked recently to do more on You Tube and I’m also desperate for something interesting to blog about so I’ve pull everything together and formed a plan of action – I am going to cook the recipes in the book, blog about them and You Tube my journey through the recipe book too. How does that sound?

We’re living in such a strange world at the moment but I’m thankful for the slower pace of life, time to think and time to re-evaluate my life ?

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