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Poor Jessie….she is really missing seeing people! ?? She’s a hugger, and the only people who come to visit her now are the UPS and FedEx delivery people! ?
So, I brought the Lady Bird rug back in our entryway today. I know a lot of you have been messaging me about when all the rugs in my collections will be restocked. Orian let me know that they are currently working on it! They had to dial back production for the safety of the workers, so many of my rugs are currently not in stock. But all the rugs should be restocked within the next few weeks! They did already restock the 8×10 size of the Lady Bird! And the new collection I’ve been mentioning will launch next Friday! I’ll be giving you guys more looks at the new collection soon! Download the shopping app for all links to this space or click the link in my bio!

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