Best Ways For Wood Floor Scratch Repair

floor is also a trend floor covering because it is so resistant. Nevertheless, it can happen that sharp-edged objects or stones under the shoe leave unsightly scratches in the parquet. Heavy furniture, on the other hand, can lead to pressure points and dents in the wooden floor. This is annoying at first and worries not a few parquet owners. We will show you how you can quickly the damage to the parquet or plank floor yourself and how to prevent it in the future.

Remove Scratches In The Floor Yourself

A sharp stone under the sole of a shoe or furniture being pushed across the floor: minor carelessness can quickly leave unsightly scratches on the parquet floor. If these are not too deep, you can them yourself with simple means. This results in a uniformly beautiful overall picture and also protects the parquet floor in the long term.

Best Ways For Wood Floor Scratch Repair

Best Ways For Floor Scratch

Touch Up Sanding Marks And Small Scratches In The Parquet With Polish

If the marks in the parquet are not deep, or if the damage is just abrasion marks, the parquet floor can be polished. You can do these small repairs yourself. In order to repair the spot in the parquet, the floor is first cleaned thoroughly so that it is free of dust particles. Then apply either commercially available furniture polish, vegetable wax or vegetable oil to a soft and dust-free cloth and rub the agent on the appropriate area until it can no longer be seen. This can be used to repair and eliminate scratches on both oiled and sealed floor. However, refrain from using furniture polishes that contain mineral derivatives. These can damage the parquet floor. The household remedy olive oil is also only recommended for repairing scratches in parquet: If this is deeper than expected, the oil penetrates into the fibers of the wood and discolors it darkly. If in doubt, you are always on the right track with a polish created for wood floors.

Repair Deeper Scratches In The Parquet With Hard Wax

If you want to get deep scratches out of the floor or if there are even small holes in the parquet, these can be filled with hard wax. The trade offers wood putty or repair kits, which are sorted by type of wood and contain various suitable wax colors as well as all the tools needed for repairs in the floor. You can choose the right color for your parquet floor and, with a little skill, even imitate the grain. To do this, procedure follows:

• Clean the scratch carefully and remove any loose pieces of wood. For sealed parquet floors, sand a small area around the relevant area.
• Select a suitable color of wax from the repair kit and use a melter tip to melt small amounts out of the wax block. Carefully fill the scratch in the floor with the liquid wax.
• If you want to imitate a grain, start with the lightest shade and work with darker shades. Each layer of wax should first harden and excess wax should be removed with a planer.

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