Best Way To Clean Linoleum Floor

The comprehensive guide with the tips on how to and care for your linoleum floor. Linoleum is one of the particularly robust and hard-wearing floor coverings. However, to ensure that it remains intact for as long as possible and does not lose its shine, you should definitely deal with the topic of cleaning and caring for linoleum. Although most people think of linoleum first of hospitals or offices, the floor covering is not only popular in heavily used rooms, but is also being used as a floor in more and more apartments because of its numerous advantages.

Best Way To Clean Linoleum Floor

Best Way To Linoleum Floor

Sweep The Linoleum Floor

First, the linoleum floor should be swept thoroughly. Using a suitable broom, loose dirt such as dust, dirt, hair, stones or grains of sand can be removed from the surface in this way. We present suitable tools for this step in the broom.

Mop The Linoleum Floor

Next, the linoleum floor should be wiped thoroughly. With the help of a mop or floor wiper, coarser dirt such as stains, dirt or solid residue can be easily removed from the surface. Use the tips for cleaning linoleum given in this guide.

Dry The Linoleum Floor

Immediately after the linoleum floor has been wiped with a damp cloth, it should be dried. By quickly removing moisture, the surface of the floor remains intact. In addition, the linoleum gets its shine in this way. A floor wiper with a dry cover or an easy cotton cloth is recommended as a suitable aid for this step.

Avoid Wetness

When cleaning linoleum, it is important to ensure that the floor is not wiped too wet. Although the floor covering is -resistant, excessive moisture or large puddles of water that have been on the surface for too long can leave unsightly stains. It is therefore not necessary to wipe wet, but only to wipe with a damp cloth.

Use Lukewarm Cleaning Water

Lukewarm water should be used when wiping linoleum. If the water is too hot, it can attack the top protective layer of the floor covering and cause damage. If the water is too cold, the cleaning is limited. So the right mix is what counts here.

No Rough Cleaning Utensils

When cleaning linoleum, you should always use cleaning utensils that are as gentle and soft as possible. Rough sponges or hard brushes are not allowed here, as they can the surface of the floor covering. Instead, basic cleaning rags, gentle and soft sponges can be used.

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